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Not tracked by 3rd parties. Not tracked by banks. Your investing remains anonymous.

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CyptoCasher is at hand to make sure your investment is never a waste. .


Banks operate in specific countries. Cryptocurrencies are global and will not be affected by decisions made by the government of one country or the other.

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Our system of trading is such that no matter what you are guaranteed returns on your investment.

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Why is CryptoCasher the right choice for you?

We believe that the future of all currencies is cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t just for the tech elite and we can prove it.

Inflation is inevitable with traditional currencies. Avoid inflation by investing in currencies where the consensus creates the value of it.

We bank unbanked people

We believe in the value of cryptocurrencies.

We are the world featured investments platform


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Invest in your future with CryptoCasher

We improve your investments

If you’re tired of seeing poor returns on your investment, it might be time to take stock of how you’re investing. Literally. The explosion of value for the cryptocurrency is almost unbelievable, but believe it!

Crypto is the future

The difference between investing in stocks v.s crypto is that the value is created. While it is speculative in nature, investing in crypto can be incredibly profitable. Early investors in BTC and ETH have made millions of dollars in profit

It’s time to stop relying on banks.

Cryptocurrency and Digital Banking

Allows you to remain anonymous as you invest without any bank or 3rd party tracking

Digital currency is represented by 1 private and 1 private piece of code

The value is determined by supply and demand, rather than government

Decentralized allowing for distributed control

Limited supply. Each Cryptocurrency has a set maximum

We process all payments via Coinbase Commerce


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CryptoCasher Investment Plans

Service Bronze Silver Gold
Daily 11% 8% 5%
Minimum-Max $500-$999 $1000-$1999 $2000-$4999
Duration 7 Days 14 Days 60 Days
Withdraw At the end of contract Any time Any time
Referral Bonus 7% 8% 9%
Extras One Chart Analysis 3 Chart Analysis + 3 Stock Recommendation 5 Chart Analysis + 5 Stock & FX Recommendation
Note $500 will be auto added to to your account $1000 will be auto added to to your account $2000 will be auto added to to your account
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We've the best commission struture in the entire industry that stretch to an infinite level of depth.

CryptoCasher is a company registered in Estonia

CryptoCasher team consists of highly skilled professionals with multiple years of pat experience in the field. Core team members were all born in Estonian and our head office is located also in Estonia. As stated by many publications, Estonia is in top five most Crypto-Friendly Countries in Europe.

According to Funderbeam Start-up Investment Report, Estonia is third in Europe regarding the highest number of start-ups per capital. Estonia’s current generation of entrepreneurs, have built internationally successful companies like Skype, Pipedrive, Taxify, GrabCad, Change, Teleport, Skeleton Technologies and Starship Technologies.



Roman Pustoshilo

International IT consultant, Blockchain Project Manager & CEO at CryptoCasher


Ivan Bilorus

Head of AET Technical Development Department
CEO at CryptoCasher


Marty Clem

Cyber Security Analyst, Ethical Hacker
and Founder at Veiliux


Monika Howell

Law Adviser


Siddharth Saxena

Expansion Manager


Isaac Turgay

Law Adviser


Alex Djulger

Expansion Manager


Vladimir Pomogalov

Blockchain & Dapp


Zach Alex

Mobile App Developer &
Security Enthusiast


Tomasz Przybyl

Mobile App


Mozibul Hani



Ivan Skotar

Quality Assurance

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below send us your question at [email protected]

Any individual over the age of 18 years old or a company from any country can open an account with us. The only condition is that our terms of services are accepted.
bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, USDC & dai.
If you are a CryptoCasher registered user, please enter your username and password at the top of the website in the correct fields, and press the Login button.
Click on the forgot password link, enter your e-mail address and follow the instructions. You'll receive your account information by email.
Such problems are occasionally caused by errors within your web browser. There is no reason to worry; you just have to wait a couple of minutes and then try to log in again. If you still experience problems with logging in, you need to clear your web browser cache. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service center at [email protected]
The CryptoCasher wallet is instant, your deposit will be processed instantly.
Yes, there is no limitation. You can make as many deposits as you want. Please note that the provided investment contracts are limited.
Additional deposits into an account will be processed separately. It is not possible to merge one of your investment with another one.
Your withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours.
The minimum amount is $500.00 USD and the maximum amount is $20,000.00 USD per day
You can withdraw funds any time after completion of the period, after that every single day, week, or at the end of your contract.
Yes, we do. It is a great way to earn substantial income! All you need to do is to attract new clients to our investment program using your referral link. The referral program uses multilevel referral commission which will pay 10% from each deposit from your level 1 referrals, 3% from each deposit made by your level 2 referrals (people referred by your direct invitees), and 2% of each deposit made by your level 3 referrals (i. e. people referred by your level 2 invitees).
Your referral link is created automatically when you open an account. You can find a referral link in your main account menu.
The referral commission is accrued to your account balance immediately after your referral makes a deposit.
The referral system works during registration and is fully automatic. If an investor signs up via your referral link, the system will treat that investor as your referral.
There is a huge difference. This is not a multilevel marketing scheme or pyramid; it is a referral program for investors to make more money by introducing more people to our platform. Your investment is not guaranteed as any other global investment, but we will guarantee your capital amount for six months if the bitcoin price remains above $6000.00 for 70% of your 12-month contract.
You can get Bitcoin from,,,
Depending on the processing of the blockchain, it would be between 2 minutes to 3 hours. If a deposit has not reflected after 24 hours, please send us an email at [email protected]
You can withdraw and deposit to your Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, DAI & USDC.